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Webinars and Presentations

Argus runs regular webinars on subjects relevant to the international energy markets. If you have a suggestion for a topic you would like to learn more about, please contact us at info@argusmedia.com.

Below are details about Argus webinars and presentations. To access these files, you may need to register your details.

Webinars and Presentations

24 September 2014
US base oils: The impact of new capacity on price dynamics

18 September 2014  (Sesión en Español)
Anatomía de la Reforma Energética en México: Implementación, beneficios y consecuencias no planeadas

17 September 2014
Anatomy of the Mexican Energy Reform: Implementation, benefits and unintended consequences

11 September 2014
What happens to the rare earths market following China's defeat at the WTO

10 September 2014
Asia-Pacific draws more condensate: the importance of a regional delivered price

4 September 2014
Fundamentals and evolving markets for US condensate

4 September 2014
California carbon: Adding fuel to the markets

29 August 2014
LPG in Africa

28 August 2014
Structural reform of the ETS: an update on discussions

14 August 2014
North American LNG: when is it coming and how will it change the world?

13 August 2014
Asian methanol demand – from chemical to fuel to feedstock

8 August 2014
North American fertilizer: Context for a restructuring marketplace

7 August 2014
Argus NGL outlook: Ethane's changing role in world petchem markets

31 July 2014
Propylene Market - Challenging Times

31 July 2014
Petroleum coke: New supply hits market

25 July 2014
Why have the Atlantic and Pacific LNG basins disconnected?

17 July 2014
When will Marcellus gas flow south?

2 July 2014 
Generation fuel switching in Europe

June 2014
Evolving European fertilizer trade

26 June 2014
Trading line space on Colonial pipeline

25 June 2014
North American Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid: the changing landscape

11 June 2014
Reduce GHG emissions by 30pc: What EPA’s plan means for markets and utilities

June 2014
LPG as a feedstock for the global petrochemical market

30 May 2014
GNL en América Latina: proyectos, mercados y precios

29 May 2014
Global Marine Fuels Webinar Series - Fueling a recovery: What's next for bunkers?

26 May 2014
European LPG trends and markets 2014

22 May 2014
Latin America LNG: projects, markets and pricing

22 May 2014
Fuel Oil: Shifting appetites

20 May 2014
New Argus US crude methodology and emerging markets

12 May 2014
The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule: What the Supreme Court ruling means for markets and utilities

8 May 2014
Argus NGL Outlook: Could last winter repeat itself?

8 May 2014
Coking Coal: Mid-volatility HCC indexes – price references for a key coking coal segment

7 May 2014
Risks and opportunities in the Chicago jet fuel market

2 May 2014
Regionalisation vs globalisation – the changing nature of the international DAP/MAP market

16 April 2014 
Fertilizer transportation: Weather challenges, price changes and the outlook for dry bulk

15 April 2014
Drought hits US western power markets 

26 March 2014
Reforma Energética en México: Implicaciones y oportunidades potenciales

25 March 2014
Fertilizer: What drives sulphur price volatility?

21 March 2014
Chinese oil demand growth: end of the line? - listen here

19 March 2014
The impact of carbon trading on the California fuels market

18 March 2014
Washington rules could dent crude by rail economics

13 March 2014
The regional greenhouse gas initiative: Time for a change

12 March 2014
How are Latin America LNG importers influencing the spot market? 

28 February 2014
Cfr indexes for India – price benchmarks for a key market

27 February 2014
The prospects for global gasoline

26 February 2014
Asian olefins outlook: MTO, PDH and the state of downstream business

20 February 2014
The outlook for new crude oil benchmarks in North America

18 February 2014
Argus IP Week presentations

13 February 2014
The Energy Reform in Mexico: Implications and potential opportunities

5 February 2014
Aromatics in 2014

23 January 2014
North American Natural Gas: The decline of bid week

15 January 2014
The new standard in US coal trade: 12,000 CSX

18 December 2013
US methanol industry: From net importer to net exporter

9 December 2013
Asian spot LNG prices have recently risen above oil parity – What's driving the market?

5 December 2013
Why have Iberian Peninsula reloads grown in prominence on the spot market?

4 December 2013
US Crude oil markets: Channeling the flood

21 November 2013
Price spreads: Global arbitrage impacts crude by rail

20 November 2013
Sustained price pressure on US base oils

14 November 2013
Marcellus Gas: Understanding the supply, price dynamics

23 October 2013
European base oils - Group II, Group III and their future in Europe

22 October 2013
Developments in shale gas outside of the US and implications for the petrochemicals industry

10 October 2013
North American biomass: supply side outlook

8 October 2013
RINs and RFS2 adjustments: Insights for 2014

3 October 2013
Curving down carbon

2 October 2013
Mind the Gap: The Surge in Global LPG Production

26 September 2013
The new US crude landscape: Managing change and uncertainty

25 September 2013
US jet fuel: Market signals in a rising price environment 

19 September 2013
NGL exports: New destinations, new risks

5 September 2013
Race to refine: An assessment of Latin America’s downstream projects

28 August 2013
Fertilizer – 2012-2013 year in retrospect

31 July 2013
Colombian coal: Testing its boundaries

17 May 2013
Argus Dewitt aromatics forum: Upheaval in global aromatics market fundamentals – What to expect next

25 April 2013
Americas marine fuels: Current and future trends

24 April 2013
Outlook for US propane exports

18 April 2013
Argus shale forum: North America’s shale oil and gas revolution: Supply and pricing opportunities for Asia

18 March 2013
Argus crude and oil products Forum - Asia: From price taker to price maker in global oil markets

18 March 2013
Argus base oils forum: How sustainable is the price recovery?

7 March 2013
LPG and petrochemicals in Europe

6 March 2013
US coals update: Changes and prospects in 2013

20 February 2013
European base oils market outlook – dealing with rising supplies

19 February 2013
Argus IP week forums, London

13 February 2013
Crude pricing and indexation in the Americas

7 February 2013
Argus implied volatility curve products

5 February 2013
Asia jet fuel - Supplying Asia and beyond

29 January 2013
Argus LPG methodology update

21 January 2013
Aromatics - Record prices at a time of global slowdown – why, and for how long?

10 January 2013
California’s LCFS: Economics and trade prospects

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